Herbal KnowledgeSep 11, 2023

Get To Know 5 of Our Best-Selling Liquid Herbal Extracts

You told us you wanted to learn more about herbs, and we couldn’t be happier! We offer hundreds of herbalist-crafted single herb extracts and formulas, so there’s no shortage of plant power around here.

Start by getting to know 5 of our most popular liquid herbal extracts. If you only keep a few on hand at a time, this is a great place to begin.


Our Kava liquid herbal extract is a consistent top seller for us, and it’s actually the #1 best-selling Kava liquid herbal extract in the U.S.!† We think the secret to making our Kava so amazing is our commitment to quality. We make our Kava liquid herbal extract using noble Kava from the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.

There are many reasons why you might enjoy a bit of Kava in your life. This herb is traditionally used to support your nervous system. It also provides support for mild, occasional anxiety, promotes peaceful relaxation and reduces both frustration and stress.*

SPINS Natural Channel, US, Kava All Formats 52 weeks ending 7/16/23.


Did you know Ashwagandha has been used in traditional Ayurveda for over 3,000 years? In the last few years, we’ve noticed a growing interest in this herb in the West – even outside the herbal community. Our Ashwagandha is primarily sourced from our own Regenerative Organic Certified® farms or other trusted Certified Organic farms in southern Oregon.

The fact that two of our best-selling herbs provide stress support seems to be a sign of the times! As an adaptogen, Ashwagandha is traditionally used to promote a balanced response to stress. Additionally, Ashwagandha also provides traditional support for calm energy.*

Relaxing Sleep

Something we pride ourselves on is the fact that all of our products are crafted by herbalists. One best-selling formula our herbalists have created is our Relaxing Sleep liquid herbal extract. This formula brings together Valerian, Passionflower, Hops, Chamomile and Catnip. Some of these herbs, like Catnip, Chamomile and Valerian, are grown on our Regenerative Organic Certified® farms.

The primary benefit of this formula is just as the name suggests – it’s a mild sedative that promotes relaxation and gives you restful sleep. Additionally, it also provides support for mild, occasional anxiety, is helpful for stress, and provides support for nervousness, agitation and irritability.*

Super Echinacea®

No herbal collection is complete without a little something to support your immune system. Our Super Echinacea is a proprietary preparation that we pour our whole hearts into. It includes four parts of the Echinacea plant (roots, seeds, flowers and leaves). We harvest these plant parts over the course of two seasons on our Regenerative Organic Certified® farms.*

In the summer, we harvest Echinacea leaves and flowers. Then, come fall, we harvest the mature seeds and roots. When you put it all together in one liquid herbal extract, you get complex, deep foundational support for your immune system.*


Valerian is one of our favorite sleep support herbs, and clearly, Herb Pharm fans agree. We grow Valerian on our Regenerative Organic Certified® farm in southern Oregon, and it has been used in herbalism for a least 2,000 years! It’s one of the star herbs in our Relaxing Sleep formula, but if you’d rather take a single herb extract, give it a try.*

Formulas are great because they include a variety of herbs that work well together, but sometimes it’s hard to know which herb in the formula is really working for you. Valerian’s benefits are simple and straightforward; it will help you catch some Z’s. This herb promotes relaxation and restful sleep.*