Herbal KnowledgeSep 27, 2022

Nootropics to Support Brain Health*

If you’re into wellness like we are, you may have heard the term nootropics coming up a lot lately. And don’t be fooled, it’s a silly word but nootropics might be one of the most exciting products you add to your daily routine. To put it simply, nootropics are considered any substance that can help the brain (whether it be for focus, concentration, memory or long-term cognition).*

Learn about 8 nootropic herbs and formulas and why you want them in your daily routine.*

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A Brief History of Nootropics

The word “nootropics” was coined in 1972 by Romanian chemist Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea. Throughout the 1960s, he and his team extensively researched the brain and neuroplasticity. His research was primarily focused on other substances and he produced the first synthetic nootropic drug. His research paved the way for folks to start researching the nootropic qualities of herbs in a professional way.

Why We Love Nootropic Herbs

Not everything you see on the shelf that’s labeled as a nootropic is actually a nootropic. As always, we like to turn to herbs for our nootropic support and Mother Nature has provided us with quite a few exciting options.

In the list below, you’ll notice a few of the herbal nootropics we offer are also adaptogens. While herbal nootropics help support the brain specifically, adaptogens are a group of herbs that support our natural response to stress. Those are great multi-purpose herbs and formulas to have as allies!*

Herb Pharm Herbal Nootropics


  • This bitter and peppery-flavored herb awakens the senses and helps you focus in the moment.*
  • It’s a nootropic and nervine that supports healthy brain function.*
  • Get it as a single herb or it’s also featured in the Herbs on the Go: Everyday Focus™ spray.


  • This herbal nootropic promotes good blood circulation and enhances both memory and concentration.*
  • It’s also featured as part of our Brain & Memory™ formula.
  • It’s considered one of the oldest continuous species of any kind—a “living fossil.” Amazing!

Gotu Kola


  • Rhodiola is a nootropic that supports a normalized stress response and it’s an energizing adaptogen.*
  • It promotes both cognitive health and stamina support.*
  • This herb is also available as an alcohol-free glycerite.
  • It’s featured in our Herbs on the Go: Everyday Focus™ spray.


  • In addition to being an herbal nootropic, Eleuthero provides adaptogenic support for everyday endurance.*
  • It provides stable stamina for life’s daily mental and physical challenges.*
  • It’s also available as a glycerite.

Asian Ginseng

  • Asian Ginseng provides energy and focus so you can take on the day.*
  • It’s a nootropic and an adaptogenic power herb that’ll help you manage life’s daily stress.*
  • It’s included in the formula for Herbs on the Go: Everyday Focus™ spray. We offer an alcohol-free glycerite option, too.

Brain & Memory™

  • This herbal nootropic formula can be taken as a daily tonic for healthy cerebral function.*
  • It supports healthy brain function, memory and concentration.*
  • It’s our best-selling foundational daily tonic formula—great for those who want nootropic support without energizing herbs and adaptogens.*

Herbs on the Go: Everyday Focus™

  • This convenient spray supports healthy brain function and mental concentration.*
  • It’s a great formula combining both adaptogens and nootropics.*
  • Skip the extra cup of coffee and use this spray as support for afternoon slumps.*

Ready to try some herbal nootropics?

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