RecipesJun 20, 2024

Spilanthes Lime Refresher

If you’re in the mood for something that has a slightly sour punch with a hint of sweetness and citrus, you’ll love this recipe. The Regenerative Organic Certified® Spilanthes extract is lightly aromatic and pairs perfectly with the limeade and silky mouthfeel of the Coconut water. It’s a great before-dinner drink that’ll have you salivating – literally!


Serves 1

4 oz sparkling water

3 oz limeade

1 oz Coconut water

0.7 ml Herb Pharm Spilanthes liquid herbal extract†



  1. Add ice to a small glass and top with limeade, Coconut water and sparkling water.
  2. Add one serving of Spilanthes extract.
  3. Sip and enjoy!

†One squeeze of the dropper equals 0.7 ml; provides approximately 1 serving of Herb Pharm liquid herbal extract.