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Meet Heather Saba

Herbalist & Researcher 

Botanical Affairs Department


I am devoted to helping people incorporate herbal wellness into their everyday lives. I love that liquid herbal extracts allow us to experience the magic of herbs in a convenient and effective way.


I primarily specialize in traditional Western herbalism, but I have also studied Ayurvedic herbalism and deeply value herbal traditions from all over the world. As an anthropologist, I am passionate about learning and helping preserve traditional herbal knowledge in the voices of the people who practice them. Every corner of the world has its own diverse and unique collection of plants with a rich archive of stories waiting to be shared, if you listen closely.


Certified Clinical Herbalist & Certified Clinical Nutritionist from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. B.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Virginia.


I am a lifelong scholar and love educating about herbalism. In addition to working as one of Herb Pharm’s Regional Herbal Educators, I have taught a variety of community herbal classes, both in-person and online, and have helped curate several online herbal courses.


We live in a special time where global access and interest in herbs is rapidly increasing. While the world of herbalism is vibrant, colorful and exciting, there can also be a sense of overwhelm in not knowing where to start. As an herbalist, I feel motivated to help guide folks into this realm so they can discover their own herbal allies and favorite formulas. Herbs have been incredibly supportive in my own life. I strive to help bridge the gap between the complex and magical world of herbalism and showing how we can easily incorporate these herbs into our everyday modern lives.

First Herb Memory

The dried Lavender sachets my grandmother gifted me as a child to keep in my dresser drawers. These were some of my prized possessions growing up and I remember holding onto them long after they lost their fragrant aroma.

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