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Meet Sasha Brown

Product Specialist
Botanical Affairs Department


I feel called to be a forever learner in the herbal industry – while also spreading knowledge that encourages others to incorporate herbalism into their daily lives. Liquid herbal extracts are dear to my heart because they are a quick and easy way to experience herbs.


Although I’ve dabbled in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I practice Traditional Western Herbalism, with the African American influences of my ancestors. African American herbalism pulls from African, Native American and European traditional herb uses. I tend to make my herbal choices based on energetics, science and traditional uses.


I have a Master of Science in Herbal Product Design & Manufacturing from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH FKA Tai Sophia Institute). After graduating from MUIH, I completed a hands-on internship at Fox Haven Farm & Learning Center where I learned how to sow seeds, grow, harvest and process herbs on an organic farm.


I love teaching herbalism when I have the opportunity to do so. I’ve taught a kids' herbalism class, classes on how to make herbal extracts at a local community farm and pre-recorded classes online.


When I’m working with herbs, I’m in my happy place. I get motivated at the mere discussion of herbs because I have positive memories associated with their unique aromas, mouthfeels, tastes and energetics. Magic is really the only way to describe how plants have the capability to support us in so many ways, yet they require so little (relatively speaking) from us in return.

First Herb Memory

My first herb memory would be nibbling on Honeysuckle with my cousins while playing outside. It was always such a sweet treat!

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