Fairwild Black Elderberry Certified

Wild and Wonderful:
Learn About the FairWild Movement

Our mission is simple. We take care of plants, so they take care of people. We’re wellness allies, doing everything in our power to nurture people, communities, and the planet through herbalism. We’re making an impact by supporting the FairWild Foundation, and are FairWild registered! We offer both FAIRWILD®Certified Triphala capsules and liquid herbal extracts made with FAIRWILD®Certified Black Elderberry.

Read on to learn more about our FAIRWILD® Certified herbal helpers and why this certification is so important.

FAIRWILD® Certified Triphala

In 2024, we introduced Triphala capsules, our first FAIRWILD® Certified capsules! Triphala is an ancient Ayurvedic formula that consists of three fruits: Amla (Phyllanthus emblica), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). The Amla in these capsules is Certified Organic, while Bibhitaki and Haritaki are both Certified Organic and FAIRWILD® Certified. We’re proud to say all three of these fruits are ethically sourced from India, where these plants natively grow. Triphala is most commonly used to promote healthy digestion, but that’s not all it can help with. It also supports the cardiovascular system and provides traditional support for cleansing and detoxification, skin health, and eye health.*

Fairwild Black Elderberry

FAIRWILD® Certified Black Elderberry

Because our Regenerative Organic Certified® farm is based in southern Oregon, you might be surprised to learn we get our Certified Organic Black Elderberry from Eastern Europe. There are many different species of the genus Sambucus that grow across the Northern Hemisphere, including Red Elderberry, Blue Elderberry, and ornamental Black Lace Elderberry. The variety we use in our products (and the one that’s most commonly used for immune support in herbalism) comes from Eastern Europe, where it natively thrives. The fully ripe berries are harvested from Sambucus nigra trees and then dried before processing. Harvesting at that perfectly ripe stage assures the optimal extraction of the herb’s bioactive compounds.*

We apply that same careful attention to detail not just to our herbs and extracts, but to the wider ecosystem they’re part of. And that’s where FairWild comes in.

What is FairWild?

What is FairWild?

The FairWild Foundation is an ecological group that promotes the sustainable, eco-friendly and socio-economic use of habitats around the world. The FairWild Standards put forth guidelines that ensure the long-term survival of wild plant species, their habitats and the communities surrounding them.

FairWild is all about protection and conservation. Protection from the overharvesting of these precious plants. Protection for the livelihood and dignity of the people who grow and harvest them. And conservation of the wildlife that depends on these ecosystems to survive.

Why It Matters

Why It Matters

Being FAIRWILD® Certified means we don’t just claim an herb is ethically sourced, we back it up. Through a rigorous audit, we were able to prove that we’re operating in a sustainable and socially ethical way.

The practices set forth by FairWild are:

  • Better for the environment and help preserve the unique landscapes where these herbs come from.
  • Good for the communities that rely on fair, respectable working conditions and wages (and preserve traditional knowledge and cultures in the process).
  • More transparent and traceable for consumers like you, giving you peace of mind that the herbal products you use are ethical and the companies you support are building a better world.

What You Can Do

Are you ready to get involved in the FairWild revolution? Let’s stand up for wild plants! All you have to do is look for the FairWild logo. Visit FairWild.org to learn more about these standards and follow us on Facebook or Instagram. as we share more about our FairWild journey.