Ask an HerbalistFeb 2, 2022

Can anyone take liquid herbal extracts?

We love talking about herbs and herbalism, and we especially love answering your questions about those topics. That's why we brought in our team of herbal experts to respond to some of the most common questions and concerns we hear.

Our herbalists have decades of combined experience working with herbs — and the people who take them. They answer your most pressing questions, in our regular column “Ask an Herbalist.”

Can anyone take liquid herbal extracts?

Generally, yes, any person can take liquid herbal extracts. Of course, you should always read the label carefully and note any cautions or contraindications. (And, if you abstain from alcohol, make sure you choose alcohol-free extracts.) If you are being treated for any medical conditions, you may want to check in with your health-care practitioner when starting any herbal supplements. We do not recommend exceeding the serving size listed on the product label.

While children can take many herbs, the appropriate serving size is based on their body weight. We make a number of alcohol-free extracts especially for kids, with appropriate use instructions on each product.

Virtually any person can take liquid herbal extracts, but we get a lot of questions about using our liquid extracts for pets. All of Herb Pharm’s products are specifically developed for human use. Since humans’ and animals’ bodies are different, we suggest Animal Essentials and their line of high-quality herbal supplements for pets. For more guidance and specifics for your pet, it’s best to find a holistic veterinarian near you who has herbal knowledge. Consult the list from the American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Association.