Daily WellnessMay 25, 2023

Showing Our True Colors for Pride Month

June is Pride Month! We hope you’re raising your rainbow flag, joining in the community festivities, feeling the love and stepping up as an ally.

During this month, people around the U.S. come together to celebrate and show support for the LGBTQ+ community. There are a lot of reasons why allyship and inclusivity are important to us at Herb Pharm, but at the root of it, we are committed to doing what’s right for people, plants and the planet.

When you look at our liquid herbal extracts all lined up on a shelf, it really does look like a rainbow of support, and that was our inspiration for this campaign! In the spirit of showing our true colors, we’re helping you learn about all the different categories of liquid herbal extracts we offer.

Dark Blue: Nervous System*

Dark Blue:
Nervous System*

There’s no doubt Pride Month is a time for joy, liberation and celebration – but it can also be tough on your nervous system. It can be over-stimulating, emotionally charged or even bring up mild, occasional anxiety. Our dark blue label indicates that liquid herbal extract will benefit your nervous system and thankfully, there’s a lot to choose from! You’ll find a huge range of products in this category, from calming and relaxing Kava to our Relaxing Sleep formula which is a mild sedative.*

Light Blue: Cleanse & Detoxify*

Light Blue:
Cleanse & Detoxify*

Did you know your body is always detoxifying itself? Your liver’s primary job is to regulate the chemical levels in your blood and excrete bile – and it’s the largest solid organ in your body. It’s important to take good care of your liver and other organs in the digestive system. All of our liquid herbal extracts in the cleanse and detoxify category are marked by a light blue label. This includes liver support superstars like Milk Thistle and Dandelion.*

Teal: Respiratory System*

Respiratory System*

If there’s one great equalizer among us all, it’s the need to breathe. We could all use a little respiratory support now and then! Your respiratory system is more than just your lungs, too. It also includes your sinuses, nasal passages, mouth and throat. This category features several liquid herbal extracts that traditionally support the respiratory system, like Mullein Blend, Osha and Stinging Nettle Blend.*

Dark Green: Immune Support*

Dark Green:
Immune Support*

When you see this dark green label, you know immune support is near – and there’s no wrong time of year to support your immune system. There are so many things you can do to stay serious about immune support during Pride Month. If you’re attending large events, remember to wear sunscreen, drink lots of water and bring along these herbal allies. Consider supporting yourself long-term with Astragalus liquid herbal extract or tackle immune challenges when they pop up with active responders like Black Elderberry.*

Light Green: System Restoration*

Light Green:
System Restoration*

The system restoration category is indicated by a pale green color. You’ll find a lot of different liquid herbal extracts in this category, and as the name suggests, there’s a range of body systems these various herbs support. For example, this category is home to Damiana, which provides traditional support for the reproductive system, Hawthorn Blend, which promotes healthy heart and circulatory function, and Gotu Kola which provides traditional support for the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems.*

Our Beloved Goldenrod

Our Beloved Goldenrod

While not an indicator of a category itself, you'll see this vibrant color on nearly every Herb Pharm tincture bottle. Just like our commitment to preserving herbal knowledge and supporting Mother Nature, this color is embedded into our identity. Goldenrod was one of the first plants that Herb Pharm co-founder, Ed Smith, learned how to identify in southern Oregon.

Around that same time, Herb Pharm needed to upgrade and reprint the extract bottle labels. When Ed and our other co-founder, Sara Katz, visited the local printer, they were presented with a variety of colorful paper options. They were both drawn to a lively shade of yellow-orange. Its name? Goldenrod! They took it as a sign and that color now holds a deep connection to our roots.

Burgundy: Energy & Vitality*

Energy & Vitality*

Tired of being tired? Sleepy and sluggish is not the vibe this month! Whether you need energy for the big parade or want to dance until you drop, we have plenty of liquid herbal extracts that can help you make it happen. Just look for the burgundy label on liquid herbal extracts like American Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, Rhodiola and more.*

Dark Purple: Optimal Well-Being & Topical*

Dark Purple:
Optimal Well-Being & Topical*

While we wish every liquid herbal extract we offered fit into a neat little box, the reality is that some herbs just break the mold. There are two types of products you’ll find in this category – liquid herbal extracts and topical herbal products.

Under this category, you’ll find herbs like Red Clover, Wild Geranium, Oregon Grape and Yarrow. The topical products you’ll find here are for external use only, and we put that on the label whenever it applies. Some of our most popular topical products are Herb Pharm Original Salve, Mullein Garlic Oil and Arnica Oil.