Herbal KnowledgeApr 14, 2023

Get to Know Your Seasonal Support Herbal Allies*

Spring is in the air! After months of colder and darker days, there is nothing more uplifting than the warm return of spring. Our favorite plants begin to stir with life again. Our pollinator friends return to the spring scene, blissfully buzzing around our gardens. Warm sunshine and gentle breezes encourage us to emerge from our winter nests.

If you’re mentally ready to be frolicking outside again but physically in need of some seasonal support this spring, we’ve got your back! Keep reading to discover some of our favorite herbal allies for seasonal (including one formula specially crafted for kids) support.*

Herbs on the Go: Ready for Pollen™

Without a doubt, our Herbs on the Go: Ready for Pollen spray is one of our favorite formulas for helping us transition into spring with grace and ease.

As an herbal formula that provides traditional support for the respiratory system and normal eye and sinus secretions, our Herbs on the Go: Ready for Pollen spray incorporates many herbs that have a long history of use in herbalism. This blend features fresh Stinging Nettle aerial parts & seed, Eyebright flowering aerial parts, fresh Goldenrod flowering tops, Reishi mushroom, Astragalus root, and Ginger rhizome.*

Since this formula comes in a spray format (designed to be sprayed directly in the mouth without diluting in water), getting your seasonal herbal support on the go is easier than ever. Carry it with you in your bag and spray before you hit the trails, relax at the park, spend time in the garden or enjoy any of your other favorite outdoor springtime activities!*

Pollen Defense™

Our Pollen Defense formula is our classic herbal formula for seasonal support. This staple blend has been a part of the Herb Pharm product collection for decades now and remains one of our best-sellers for good reason!

Our Pollen Defense compound provides traditional support for the respiratory system and normal eye and sinus secretions. You can take this formula daily throughout the season or as needed for times when you want a little extra support.*

We combine the extracts of Eyebright flowering herb, Goldenseal rhizome with rootlet, Horseradish root, Stinging Nettle seed and Yarrow flowering top to create our Pollen Defense formula. A must-have for every home apothecary during springtime!*

Stinging Nettle Blend

Many herbalists would argue that Stinging Nettle is the quintessential herb of spring. While this is up for debate (especially amongst Dandelion, Burdock and so many other springtime herbal favorites), Stinging Nettle is certainly an essential herb for seasonal support. We include Stinging Nettle in all our core seasonal support formulas (Herbs on the Go: Ready for Pollen spray, Pollen Defense formula and Kids Sinus Samurai) for good reason.*

Through providing traditional support for the respiratory system, our Stinging Nettle Blend combines the extracts of both fresh Stinging Nettle aerial parts and Stinging Nettle seed for broad-spectrum support. So, although this product only features one single herb, Stinging Nettle, it is technically a “formula” combining both the fresh aerial parts and the seed – very unique!*

Looking for an alcohol-free option? We also offer Stinging Nettle as a glycerite.

Kids Sinus Samurai™

Let’s not forget the kids! Our Kids Sinus Samurai formula offers the best seasonal support for children ages 2 and older. Completely alcohol-free, kids love how tasty this formula is with the subtle sweetness from the vegetable glycerin used to extract each of the herbs (without any sugar, sweeteners or fillers added).

Kids Simus Samurai features Stinging Nettle aerial parts, Eyebright flowering aerial parts, Astragalus root, Reishi mushroom, fresh Dandelion whole flowering plant and Ginger rhizome.*

Bonus: our Kids Sinus Samurai is still full-strength (just formulated alcohol-free with kid-friendly herbs and serving sizes based on the weight of the child). This means that adults can enjoy this formula and its benefits too! If you’re looking to just get one product that the whole family can use, our Kids Sinus Samurai is a great option.