Herbal KnowledgeApr 11, 2023

6 Herbalist Favorites to Support Mood & Emotion*

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we want to check-in. How are you feeling? While mental health is often stigmatized, we’re spreading awareness that your mental health matters and there’s no shame in reaching out for help. We’re here for you!

Paying attention to your mental well-being is an act of self-care. It’s just as important as tending to your physical health. One of our favorite ways to promote a positive mood, support healthy emotional balance and get traditional support for the nervous system is through the magic of plants.*

After working with herbs for over 4 decades, we’ve found the most effective way to take herbs is through liquid herbal extracts. They deliver a broad spectrum of phytochemicals from every plant, and because they partially bypass the digestive system, they’re swiftly and efficiently absorbed.

With that in mind, we asked our herbalists to share their favorite extracts that support mood and emotion.*

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is one of the most well-known herbs today. The gold, yellow flowers can often be spotted in open forests, grasslands, meadows and even on roadsides around North America from May to August. Our St. John’s Wort is responsibly wildcrafted in Oregon’s Siskiyou and Cascade mountains.

We extract it fresh each summer near the solstice. Traditionally, this herb has been harvested around the solstice and midsummer holiday, St. John’s Day on June 24, a day that is commemorated by the Freemans to celebrate John the Baptist.1 Our herbalists love St. John’s Wort for its ability to promote a positive mood and support healthy emotional balance.*


If you’re looking for peace of mind, turn to the traditional nerve-soothing support of Skullcap. This beautiful herb is a member of the Mint family, but it isn’t as aromatic as some of its relatives like Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint.*

At Herb Pharm, we love Skullcap because it’s a traditional relaxing herb that calms nervousness and restlessness and can be used to restore and tone the nervous system. Skullcap is among the many species we grow on our Regenerative Organic Certified® farms in southern Oregon.*


What’s not to love about Lavender? It’s beautiful, smells wonderful and when planted in your garden, it’s a perennial drought-tolerant shrub that will stick around for years.

Here’s what Alexis Durham, Herbalist and Director of Botanical Affairs at Herb Pharm, had to say about Lavender: “It’s one of my new favorites…I reach for it during occasional anxious moments and appreciate that it helps to calm my nervous system. It has traditionally been used to lift the spirit and also to support the digestive system. And it brightens up beverages like Lavender Lemonade and Lavender Ginger Ale!"*


Albizia is a favorite among the herbalists at Herb Pharm and they’re not alone! It has been revered for centuries in China. We prepare our Albizia liquid herbal extract using responsibly wildcrafted bark from Albizia julibrissin trees in Florida.

Fun fact, Albizia is sometimes referred to as “the happiness tree” or “happiness bark.” This herbal ally provides traditional support for calming the mind and soothing the heart in times of grief. It has also been used traditionally to provide stabilizing support for the nervous system.*

Good Mood™

When you’re considering liquid herbal extracts, sometimes you might choose a single herb extract like those listed above, or you may want to try a formula approach. All of the liquid herbal extracts at Herb Pharm are herbalist-crafted, and the formulas are no exception. Our herbalists carefully consider which herbs to combine to make these compounds.

Good Mood is a proprietary blend of the extracts of fresh St. John's Wort flowering top, Ashwagandha root, fresh Skullcap flowering aerial parts and Prickly Ash bark. It stabilizes the nervous system and promotes both a positive mood and healthy emotional balance.*

Herbs on the Go: Daily Calming Spray™

Our new Herbs on the Go: Daily Calming Spray contains 5 calming herbs in one fabulous formula. Think of it like your own personal “serenity in a bottle.” Our herbalists created this blend to provide extra soothing support after the collectively stressful and chaotic last few years.*

This formula contains Ashwagandha root, fresh Lemon Balm aerial parts, fresh Skullcap flowering aerial parts, Wood Betony aerial parts and Reishi mushroom. It supports the nervous system, provides adaptogenic support and helps you soothe, calm and stabilize yourself.*

  • [1] Grieve M. A Modern Herbal, Vol. 2, 2nd ed. New York, NY: Dover Publications; 1982.