Plants & Farm StoriesFeb 23, 2023

A Toast to Our Story: 3 Herbal Drinks for Celebrations

Today, March 8, is our birthday! We’re saying cheers to 44 years by celebrating Herb Pharm’s founders, Ed Smith and Sara Katz, and raising a glass to a bright future. Our anniversary is as much about honoring our roots as it is about looking forward to what’s coming. Take a stroll down memory lane with us then get inspired with 3 herbalist-crafted drink recipes that are perfect for your big celebrations, too.

Ed and Sara

Where It All Started

It was 1979. Sara and Ed were two young herbalists with a vision—they wanted to revive the exciting information they were finding in old pharmacy texts, share it and help people. On one of their many bike rides in southern Oregon, they came across a gorgeous farm with sprawling views of the Siskiyou Mountains. They dreamed about owning that farm—and the universe cooperated! Today, that very farm is part of Herb Pharm HQ—we call it “The Pharm Farm.”

Over the years, Herb Pharm and our founders were an integral part of the “herbal renaissance.” Some would say this movement is having a revival—just like in the 70s and 80s, more people are turning to nature to support their well-being. In time, Herb Pharm has gone from a small company with a handful of employees to a bustling business with national retail relationships, an online store and a dedicated following of people who love herbs.

Where We’re Going

From the beginning, we’ve been proud to share liquid herbal extracts that are made with the highest quality herbs possible. We’ve expanded a lot in the last few years—we acquired Pacific Botanicals, rebranded ourselves, launched tons of new products, started building a new facility and became the first Regenerative Organic Certified® herb farm. As we put our powerful liquid herbal extracts in more people’s hands, we wanted to share some creative ideas on how to enjoy them!

Passionflower 'Paloma'

Passionflower “Paloma”

Make any get-together extra special with a batch of this mocktail version of the classic “Paloma.” The scent of Grapefruit is so uplifting and mixes perfectly with calming Passionflower liquid herbal extract.* 

Blueberry-Ginger Lime Soda

Blueberry-Ginger Lime Soda

This herbal drink is made with sugary-sweet Blueberry simple syrup, the crispest sparkling water, tangy Lime and our warming Ginger liquid herbal extract. An excellent balance of flavors!*

Turmeric-Lemon Fizz

Turmeric-Lemon Fizz

Enjoy a fizzy and bright beverage starring Turmeric liquid herbal extract. Turmeric is bursting with so many benefits it’ll be a great conversation starter—it promotes liver health and helps with digestive function. Great for sipping before a hearty brunch.*