Posted on: January 22, 2019

 You’re not the first person to have questions about herbs and herbalism. So, we brought in one of our experts to help answer some of the most common questions and concerns. David Bunting, Herb Pharm’s VP of Botanical Affairs, began studying herbalism in 1979 and has been making herbal medicines professionally since 1982.

Question: What’s the difference between whole herb and standardized extracts?

There is not necessarily any difference between whole herb and standardized extracts. Any extract, including a whole herb or broad spectrum extract, can have constituents quantified and thus be standardized. Some standardized extracts, however, use processes and/or solvents to isolate phytochemicals. In the more extreme cases, these extracts can become so highly concentrated in a single phytochemical or phytochemical group that they exclude the many other constituents that make up the whole herb. Carried too far, these extracts begin to resemble single entity drug isolates rather than broad spectrum herbal extracts.