The Immune Bundle*

Help When You Need It Most*

Your health is your greatest asset! Treat it as such by getting our Immune Bundle; it includes three powerful liquid herbal extracts you can lean on in times of distress.*

Total Price: $50.94

Rapid Immune Boost™

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Oregano Spirits™

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The Kids Immune Bundle*

Give Kids Herbal Immune Support*

It’s natural for kids’ immune systems to bounce up and down throughout the year. Our Kids Immune Bundle offers three liquid herbal extracts for kids so you can keep those routines strong.*

Total Price: $44.94

The Family Immune Bundle*

Support for You & the Kids*

Build out a little at-home apothecary you can turn to in times of need. Our Family Immune Bundle includes four liquid herbal extracts, with options for both adults and kids.*

Total Price: $63.92

Easy Ways to Bolster Immunity*

Get our tips for giving your immune system every fighting chance.*

Rest Up

Rest Up

Skimping on sleep can wear you down over time. Prioritize getting at least 7 hours of sleep (or more) every night.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water naturally supports your immune system.1 Carry a reusable bottle so you can quench your thirst all day.

Create Herbal Rituals

Create Herbal Rituals

Herbs can keep your immune system primed and ready. Prioritize your wellbeing by adding our liquid herbal extracts to your daily routine.*

[1] Lukito W. Current evidence in water and Hydration Science. Karger Publishers. December 28, 2021. Accessed January 18, 2024.

Lemon Echinacea Super Tonic

Sip on Your Immune Support*

Drink in the support of our Rapid Immune Boost™ formula. The bright citrus and touch of sweetness perfectly complements the 10 herbs in this powerful compound.*