LeAnn, The Curious Chemist

LeAnn, The Curious Chemist

Spend a few minutes with LeAnn, and you can feel her natural joyfulness and curiosity shining through. One of her favorite things about working with extracts is creating herbal concoctions and experimenting to find what’s right for her body. Some of LeAnn’s favorite liquid herbal extracts for mocktails include Ashwagandha, California Poppy, Kava, Lemon Balm and Super Echinacea®.

The Mocktail Bundle

Put an herbal twist on your holiday mocktails this year. We bundled three liquid herbal extracts to get you extra savings and inspire your curiosity in the kitchen. This bundle includes Ashwagandha for calming, adaptogenic stress support, Kava for peaceful relaxation and Super Echinacea for deep immune support. Keep them on hand for fireside sipping and herbal hosting or slip this trio under the tree and share the perfect gift of wellness with friends and family.* 

Total Price: $42.74 $53.44


$13.58 $16.98


$15.58 $19.48

Super Echinacea®

$13.58 $16.98

Mocktail Hour With LeAnn

We spent an afternoon making herbal mocktails with LeAnn, and can’t wait to share her tips. See how her journey started, get to know her favorite liquid herbal extracts and learn how to make your beverages feel festive.

Step Into the Herbal Kitchen

If you want all the festive holiday feels (along with lots of plant-based goodness), say cheers with a tasty herbal mocktail. Explore these herbalist-crafted recipes that’ll bring your Mocktail Bundle to life.