True to Our Roots: Celebrating 45 Years of Growth

True to Our Roots: Celebrating 45 Years of Growth

Today is our 45th birthday! We’re so proud to say that for over four decades, we’ve maintained a steadfast commitment to caring for both people and the Earth the best way we know how. It all goes back to our roots – the foundation that our founders set back in the 1970s. From the quality of our ingredients to the care we take in growing our herbs and crafting our products, every time we take a step forward, we make sure it’s rooted in what’s right.

Join us in celebrating this milestone by reflecting on our past, showing gratitude for where we are now, and getting excited for what’s to come.

Ed and Sara

Honoring Our Past

In 1979, our co-founders Sara Katz & Ed Smith started Herb Pharm with the seed of an idea – that they could help people in their community with the power of herbalism. Ed & Sara began Herb Pharm in their home, then expanded to a small farm in southern Oregon. We still fondly refer to it as “The Pharm Farm.” They spent their time learning about herbalism, wildcrafting, farming, and making tinctures at their kitchen table. Friends and neighbors would show up at their back door seeking advice and go home with herbal allies.

Over the years, Sara & Ed went from serving just their southern Oregon community to shipping orders to health food stores around the U.S. They laid the roots for the abundantly kind, quality-focused, and ecologically responsible culture we have at Herb Pharm today.

Grateful for Our Present

After 45 years, we’re incredibly proud of the growth we’ve had so far – and none of it would be possible without the north star our founders set. We’re proud to say we’re the #1 brand of liquid herbal extracts and the world’s first Regenerative Organic Certified® herb farm!† Reflecting on the last couple of years alone is pretty amazing. Here are some of the highlights:

Looking Ahead

Excited for Our Future

As we turn to the future, there is still so much to celebrate ahead! In true Herb Pharm style, we’ll stay firmly rooted in our core values as we share the magic of herbalism with as many people as possible. You can look forward to even more amazing partnerships, products, and formats to come – along with more herbal education, of course. As we do it all, you can count on us to do things the right way, with the well-being of people, plants, and the planet in mind.